Mainpol GmbH has been operating successfully in the leather clothing sector for over 47 years. Social responsibility is anchored in the company's philosophy. The fashion brand Freaky Nation is part of Mainpol and provides information about its work below:


We see sustainable corporate management as a way of securing our company's success in the long term, and we are aware that it takes a great deal of commitment to systematically embed these complex tasks in all of the company's processes. We have therefore set ourselves short- and long-term sustainability strategies and targets in every area of the company and are working together with suppliers and other stakeholders to holistically implement sustainability along the entire value chain.

Compliance with social standards, humane working conditions, occupational safety, exclusion of child or forced labor, and observance of environmental standards are top priorities for us. To this end, we regularly visit our production sites around the world to monitor compliance with our standards and actively participate in improvement measures.

For consumers in markets such as Europe, it is ensured by law that purchased leather and textile products are safe for health. We, as a family business, together with our producers, take an active and responsible role in maintaining these standards and observing fair working conditions at various points of production, including the preliminary products and ingredients.


Each Freaky Nation leather jacket is a durable product that is based on nature. Only leather from animals bred for meat production is used. The leather here is a by-product of the food industry.


In addition, Freaky Nation attaches great importance to the use of vegetable tanned leather. The proportion of vegetable tanned leather is already 85% in our collection regarding leather clothing. This means that chrome is not used in the tanning process. Thus, this tanning process is significantly more environmentally friendly. The tanning agents for this process are based on plant materials (wood, bark and leaves) and are extracted from them.




We as a company are a BSCI member and as its partner represent common principles and values. Together with our own Code of Conduct, this is a strong foundation for our work and dealings with our partners, employees and stakeholder groups. Our own quality control and our own auditors permanently check our partners on the production side. We also support these partners in their further development. Our carefully selected production sites are consequently BSCI audited and thus obliged to comply with specific requirements.  


In addition, we are making our voluntary contribution to a sustainable economy and subjecting our corporate actions to the guiding principle of Corporate Social Responsibility

(CSR : ).




As an innovative brand, Freaky Nation is constantly evolving. At the same time, it is important for us not to neglect environmentally friendly aspects in all fashion developments.

Therefore, it is our responsibility and claim that Freaky Nation constantly pushes and develops concepts for sustainability. By implementing this vision, the collection is always in focus. The sensitivity for our environment and our actions for a more sustainable future motivate us to become better and better in our daily work.


Many leather items in the Freaky Nation collection are manufactured in environmentally conscious leather factories that are tested and certified by the Leather Working Group. LWG stands for a resource-saving, transparent and environmentally friendly leather production without harmful chemicals. The leather manufactories that belong to the Leather Working Group are awarded with a gold, silver or bronze medal as proof.


Leather based on natural raw materials results as a by-product of the food industry and therefore does not cause waste of resources. This unique material is one of the oldest materials in human history and is ideal for clothing. The passion for the natural product leather and the creations which are made from it - that's what Freaky Nation stands for! 


Freaky Nation leather jackets are therefore already sustainable by itself, because a leather jacket is durable. The patina that can develop on the leather surface of a jacket tells an individual story and often becomes the favorite piece of the owner.


We wish you a lot of fun with your FREAKY NATION leather jacket!


FREAKY NATION brand belongs to


Mainpol GmbH


March 2023