For consumers in markets such as Europe, it is natural that they expect the leather and textile products they purchase to not present a risk to health.

We are a family business and, together with our manufacturers, we take on an active and responsible role with regards to promoting fair working conditions all along our supply chain.

 Together with our partners, we do our best to make fashionable clothing and leather garments in an environmentally friendly way and under socially fair standards. For this reason, we regularly visit our production sites all over the world in order to guarantee our standards and actively contribute to improvement measures.




 We are a member of the BSCI and, as a partner, we stand for these principles and values. Together with our own Code of Conduct, this forms a strong foundation. Our quality controls and our own auditors regularly monitor our manufacturers. In the process, we also work together with them to further their development.


 Furthermore, we contribute voluntarily to a sustainable economy and integrate our corporate activities with the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).



 Our leather garments


 Every season, Freaky Nation works to develop itself further. For example, already the majority of the leather we use is tanned using vegetable tanning agents, without chromium and metal! This is not an industry standard and is not a matter of course; it is one of our contributions to a more sustainable future.



Starting this year, we have also been using Leather Working Group (LWG) certified leather, reducing our ecological CO2 footprint, reducing water and energy consumption and continuing to ensure fair working conditions in the tanneries.


 In order to realise these goals, the LWG has developed an audit protocol for sustainable and conscientious leather production. During this process, the tannery is evaluated and, according to the status attained, categorised into a quality class and certified if successful.


 Leather is a natural resource and, as a by-product of the food industry, is not a waste of resources. This unique material and its processing are excellently suited for clothing. A passion for the natural product of leather and creations made from it – that’s what Freaky Nation stands for! 


 Freaky Nation leather jackets are sustainable per se, as leather jackets are durable. The longer they are worn, the more patina develops on the surface of the leather, allowing the wearer to create their own personal, unique favourite garment. 



We wish you plenty of fun with your FREAKY NATION jacket!



FREAKY NATION is a Mainpol GmbH brand


 August 2021