The term ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (CSR) defines the voluntary contribution on the part of the business community towards sustainable development that goes beyond the statutory requirements (compliance). CSR stands for responsible entrepreneurial practices in actual business activity, from ecologically relevant aspects right through to the relationships with employees and the communication and interaction with the relevant stakeholders.
As a family-owned company, the well-being of our employees is particularly important to us – we acknowledge this responsibility and are pleased to foster and advance the development of our employees and benefit therefrom in our role as a modern employer.

Protecting our natural resources is one of the most pressing tasks of our time. We have committed ourselves to acting in an environmentally responsible manner. We see sustainability as an expression of entrepreneurial attitude rather than merely a temporary phenomenon. We are constantly working on optimizing our manufacturing processes, products, packaging and logistics. Their longevity makes our products sustainable per se. We ensure that our suppliers and materials meet the BSCI requirements. We also have offices in China and Pakistan –which carry out on-the-spot checks on the supply chains there.

What's more, Mainpol/FREAKY NATION also assumes social responsibility beyond their corporate activities. This is not merely a temporary commitment but the expression of an entrepreneurial conviction deeply rooted over generations.

FREAKY NATION is a brand
of Mainpol GmbH
Albershausen, December 2019